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Puerto Rico Christian School began in 1971-72 as a small English-speaking school for a few missionary families and their neighbors and friends. William E. Loft and his wife Virginia S. Loft felt the need to provide a Christian education in English to their large family and to children of other families arriving to work with them in Levittown. Katherine Rhodes and Mary Moore Reece had already taught in another English-language Christian school in Puerto Rico and wished to continue serving the Lord by teaching Puerto Rican children in a Christian school. So, with varying goals which melded together for a common purpose, these two young teachers asked Mr. and Mrs. Loft to lead in founding a new Christian school. As Levittown was not only the home of the Lofts but also one of the more English-speaking areas, it was chosen as the site of this new school. Board of Trustees

In its early years, P.R.C.S. held classes in a series of rented houses in Levittown. Missionary staff would rent a house, scrub and paint it, paint homemade chalkboards, build bookshelves, gather donated books, and move in with a group of students. More houses were rented and purchased until the school included six slightly remodeled houses containing about 150 students spread over two or more blocks at various times in a residential area of the second section of Levittown.

Correspondence courses were used as curriculum during 1971-72 and briefly thereafter for high school level, but regular classes for kinder through elementary grades were begun in 1972-73. Early teaching staff consisted of missionary personnel (paid by missionary offerings of U.S. churches and individuals), then the School gradually progressed toward an even more professionally prepared staff on salary. P.R.C.S. has benefitted over the years from the service of many fine teachers who love the Lord, love teaching, and love children.

By the early 1980's the School no longer could be contained in Levittown houses, so land was sought for new construction. Finally, after several years of searching, the lovely "Finca Fletcher," a former citrus farm on the edge of Levittown, was made available to P.R.C.S. Its 2.457 acres included large trees, plants, wildlife, ample play space, some existing buildings, and suitable space to construct new classroom buildings. After architectural planning and purchase in 1984, and construction in 1984-85, P.R.C.S. moved to its new campus in time for the 1985-86 school year with a larger student body, adding pre kinder that same year. Its private lunch program was begun in 1986.

Puerto Rico Christian School presently consists of nearly 260 students in pre-kinder through grade 9, seventeen teachers, and other staff members and employees. Members of the student body come from Levittown and surrounding areas including Dorado, Vega Alta, Vega Baja, Guaynabo, Caguas, Sabana Seca, Toa Alta, Cataño, Bayamón, and Toa Baja. Enrollment is limited to about 20-21 students per grade in order to maintain educational quality in a bilingual situation and to be able to better meet the needs of individual students, although many more families desire space.

Although at the beginning about half of the students were from missionary families from the U.S., the make-up of the student body over the years gradually shifted to the point that now nearly all come from Puerto Rican families with only an occasional non-Spanish-speaking family direct from the United States mainland. Most families seek entrance into P.R.C.S. for the sake of obtaining a quality education in English, with many also wishing a Christian education, Bible teaching, and good discipline. Some seek space for their children because they themselves once attended P.R.C.S. and they want the same for their children.

English is the language of instruction, with daily 50-minute Spanish classes taught in grades 1-9. Some Spanish is used in pre-kinder and kindergarten as needed transitionally, changing to English as soon as possible. Although students are expected to speak English in the classroom in order to master the language, this is done with respect for Puerto Rican culture and language, emphasizing that students should not lose their Spanish but only add English. Students may enter pre-kinder knowing no English, and soon are able to function with English as the language of instruction.

All students participate in daily Bible classes and monthly chapel sessions, and are encouraged and expected to apply Biblical teachings in their daily lives and attitudes. The Bible is the textbook used for these classes, supplemented by some Bible-based lesson materials. No creed book is used. Puerto Rico Christian School is operated by Christians who are members of the Church of Christ and Christian Churches.

Puerto Rico Christian School was founded to provide a quality education in English for missionary families and the Levittown community, for evangelism in behalf of the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches, to provide daily Bible teaching, and to mold Christian character in the lives of students. This quality education is provided in a Christian atmosphere by Christian teachers.

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