JR High & High School

made by HRS 1

Mr. Robert Young, Assistant Principal of the Junior High and High School, recommends PRCS (7th to 12th grade) because among the many benefits:

          * Our class size averages, consists of 13 students per classroom
          * P.R.C.S. is an all English Speaking SchoolMr Young 2
          * Our Christian Values
          * Secure Campus
          * Academic Excellence
          * Moral Values
          * Fully Accredited School
          * Profound Teacher Dedication
          * Family Environment
          * Some Former Students return as P.R.C.S. Staff
          * Reasonable Fees that also include Lunch and Text Books
          * Distinguished National Honor Society Group
Computer Classes are highly Competitive
          * Almost 100% of our students get admitted to internationally  renowned universities

Parent Student Relations: At Puerto Rico Christian School, our highest priority are a quality Christian education and a healthy parent-student relationship. You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile for your children. Superior quality education is the hallmark of Puerto Rico Christian School.

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